Paycheck First or Management

       We’re intending on writing a lengthier post about the various deceptions, errors, and lies brought out by the anonymous attack blog, Paycheck First as soon as we can.  However, we thought it would be worthwhile to put up a quiz put together by a friend and colleague, which reveals to what extent that the unknown authors of that blog have put together what could only be called a management echo chamber.  We strongly believe in a participatory and democratic union, and are open to substantial critiques of the current direction of the union, but we have really only seen rumor, innuendo, and character assassination out of this blog, along with egregious errors in regards to the legal structures around bargaining and the actual history of bargaining.  This quiz additionally reveals the extent that their blog echos the positions of management in bargaining.  We’re curious if Paycheck First has been taking the lead from management, or if management has been taking the lead from Paycheck First.  Neither option is terribly attractive.


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